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[资料方法] [翻译(附原文)]丰盛之书 更新中…7月2日校对完毕,上传pdf电子书。

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RE: [翻译(附原文)]丰盛之书 更新中…2月4日更新到第六章


第六章 赋权的关键--想要越多即越匮乏
We should strive to attain a desireless state. As long as we have desire, we lack. Lack and want are the same thing. Wanting traps us in a world of limitation. Wanting is the greatest enemy of joy!
--Lester Levenson
During the year 527 B.C., in the Orient, Buddha enunciated the Four Noble Truths:
Life is suffering.
The cause of suffering is desire.
Ending desire ends suffering.
Desire is ended by following the Eight-fold Noble Path.
Twenty-five hundred years later, we still desire. Our society teaches us to desire, to want things, and to work to get things. So we may be happy. Capitalism is based on fostering desire for goods and getting love through having possession, money, knowledge or power. We are a culture of desire and fulfilling desire.
This is not surprising: we have not learned the lesson of love taught by Christ two millennium ago either. Both teachings reach the same point in the end: to become desireless, to not want anything external to ourselves, means we rest in ourselves, whole, joyous and happy. In this state, our true nature is constant love, unending love, giving love. When we reach this desireless state we feel like we have it all.
※     没有欲望即是平静。
※     欲望就是无底的深渊,永远不可能填满。
※     欲望催生所有的情感,扰乱所有的平静。
※     欲望干扰人与生俱来的本能的平和喜悦。
※     欲望让人全身心投入到满足欲望中去,因此与他不变的与生俱来的本能的幸福渐行渐远。简单地说,欲望就是幸福的敌人,痛苦的源头。
※     欲望就是所有不安扰动的开始。
※     欲望是人自己创造出来的匮乏。
※     欲望是所有麻烦的根源。
※     欲望让内心不平静。
※     欲望只能把你领向痛苦和灭亡。
※     如果人停止关注某物,对它的欲望就会消失,然后他就会得到它。
Lester Levenson attained his own enlightenment and mastered a desireless state.
We are very fortunate to be the recepients of a method he designed precisely with us in mind--products of the 20th and 21 st centuries with our inquisitive, high-tech/low-patience personality type.
According to Lester, the practical key to mastering desire is realizing that:
*The absence of desire is serenity.
*Desire is a bottomless pit that can never be filled up.
*Desire is the mother of all emotions, the disturber of all peace.
*Desire is the disturbance of one's natural inherent peace and joy.
*Desire keeps one involved in trying to satiate the desires, consequently detracting one from his constant natural inherent happiness. In short, desire is the enemy of happiness and the source of misery.
*Desire is the start of all agitation.
*Desire is an artificially created lack.
*Desire is the source of all trouble.
*Desire is a mind disquieter.
*Desire only leads to misery and death.
*If one will stop thinking of something, the desire for it will disappear and he
wi II have it.
Let us look at the subject of DESIRE or WANTING.
Take a few minutes and make a list of the things you WANT in life. Then make a list of the things you HAVE in life. List as many things as you can think of for each category.
WANTING - Is lack or the sensation of "LACKING"
Make a list of things you want in life. Make a list of things you have in life. Wanting is the exact opposite of having. Can anyone stand up and sit down at the same time? Is it ever possible? You will notice that the things you want in life are the very things you do not have. Do you wonder why?
The old adage of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" can easily be explained. A rich person is holding in mind "I have money." He does not want it--his consciousness is "I have it." A poor person is forever wanting it, wanting it, wanting it--and, therefore, he is creating lack, lack, lack. So know that want equals lack. Want is a lacking feeling. It is not suggested that you let go of wanting so that you end up with nothing. It is merely pointed out that if we let go of wanting, we would have. This is a real dilemma for the mind.
First, to want something means we feel we don't have it. We feel empty, lonely, lacking or deprived, and we believe if we possessed that object or had that experience, we'd feel filled up and we would be happy. So behind all desiring and seeking is (1) a motivation to be happy and (2) a belief that happiness lies in desire's fulfillment.
On the contrary, desire IS the problem. Being in a state of desire is suffering, wanting, lacking, hurting and looking to a future time when we will have the want and be happy. Want is the opposite of having. In this course, we will teach you how to master the dynamics of desire and wanting (a lacking feeling). It is perfectly OK to have anything. The "having" is not the problem. The problem is "wanting, and lacking feelings" which causes pain and inhibits receiving. Check the list of wants you have made and see if there is pain there for not having it. Notice: it's everything you don't have.
So the solution to the problem of wants and desires is threefold: (1) We let go of the want in order to end the pain of desire, which allows (2) the receiving of what formerly was a want and allows us to hold in mind HAVING, which allows it to come to you. Lastly, (3) feeling already complete, we may decide to let go of attaining that which was so important just moments before because we already feel happy right now.
You can have it all! If you want anything at all, you can have it, providing you let go of wanting it.
Releasing feelings and desires leads to firsthand understanding of the true nature of thinking, emotions, wants and desires. All these occur only in our mind. Only our belief in their being real (and the importance of thinking, feelings, wants and desires) gives them any reality. Once we see that they are not real, but simply feelings, we begin to experience the ultimate state we all seek --that of happiness, with no sorrow, love, joy and havingness. When the mind, which creates everything, is quiet, we become happy, complete and joyous.
You are not who you think you are. You are not your feelings. All that you believe or perceive about wants is an illusion. Simply release and find out that what you think is simply a feeling.
The mind is like an oven. Does an oven care what it bakes? If you put a shoe in the oven and turn it on, it bakes the shoe. The same thing applies to the mind. It does not care what you put in, it simply creates what you hold in mind.
So now let's see how we can correct this misunderstanding and turn wants into having.
1、  尽管欲望并非感受,但它们绝对会引起感受。希望获得认可的欲望就隐含着一层对此的贪婪,也是一种软需求。控制欲,从另一方面来看,有一种更难过的感受,有一点攻击性和固执自负。
2、  记住,想要就是匮乏。
3、  记住,认同与被认同以及控制都不是坏事,也不是它们在限制我们,而是欲望。
4、  释放欲望比释放情感或感受更加强大也更加深入。当你放下一个欲望时,同时也放下了它衍生出来的一切。
5、  所有的痛苦和不幸都来自想要被认同的欲望和控制欲——也是渴望爱的另一种说法。所有的喜悦和好运都来自认同和放弃控制——也是付出爱的另一种说法。
6、  控制不是坏事,控制欲才是我们需要去释放的。一直让事情处于自己的控制中是可以的,只要放下那种匮乏感就好。认同不是坏事,你可以获得你想要的任何人的认同,但是先要抛开那种渴望被认同的欲望,放下它后就能得到想要的。你想感到安全与妥当,但是正是这种欲望让你得不到。
1. Although wants are not feelings, they definitely have a "feel" to them. Wanting Approval has a kind of "gimme" feeling to it--a kind of soft neediness. Wanting Control, on the other hand, has a harder feeling. It is a little more push and assertive.
2. Remember that a want is a lack.
3. Remember that there is nothing wrong with giving or receiving approval or being in control. It is not the actual state that limits us, but the "wanting" it.
4. Releasing on the wants is more powerful and deeper than releasing on the emotions and feelings. When you let go of a want, you are letting go of a piece of everything on the chart.
5. All pain and misery comes from wanting approval and control--which is another way of saying "wanting love." All joy and bliss comes from giving approval and giving up wanting control--which is another way of saying "giving love."
6. Control is not BAD. It is the wanting (lacking) control that we need to release. It's okay to be in control all the time, just let go of the lacking feeling. Approval is not BAD. Have all the approval you want. What's off is the wanting (lacking) approval. Just let go of the wanting (lacking) approval and you will have it. Being safe and secure is what you want. It is the wanting (lacking) to be safe and the wanting (lacking) to be secure that is off.
Let us examine "wants" a little more. Take a look at that thing you want so badly. Notice you have an unwanted energy in your stomach and chest: a lacking feeling. Could you just allow that lacking feeling to come up and allow it to pass through? And more, and even more? Now, take a check and see if you feel a little lighter about that wanting. If not, put your magical tube deeper into that energy and see if that unwanted energy is still there. Remember, want equals lack. It is actually a lacking feeling that you are holding on to. Could you allow that lacking feeling to leave? It wants to leave. It will leave from your stomach or your chest area. Just allow that feeling to come up and allow it to pass through. Now continue releasing on the other items in your list of "wants." As you concentrate on each of these wants or desires, tilt your head down, note if you are clutching or resisting and invite the unwanted energy to come up and allow it to pass through. Work on these items, one by one.
"Happiness is our basic nature. We becloud that basic nature with thoughts. Thoughts of lack, thoughts of want. When we want something, our mind becomes active in trying to acquire that and we are unhappy because we lack something that we say we must have. So we create unhappiness through desire. All unhappiness starts with desire. All trouble in the universe starts with desire. Because basically we are perfect, full, complete, whole. We need nothing until we artificially create need and then become unhappy thinking how can we fulfill that need. But now after that artificial unhappiness is set into motion, we call happiness undoing the unhappiness. That's what people consider happiness today. Happiness is undoing the artificially created unhappiness. So we satisfy these thoughts of desire and momentarily we still the thinking. And when we still the thinking, our natural infinite self is there all the time and feeling that, we call that happiness. Happiness is nothing but feeling your real, ultimate self, that is all it is! By releasing he desires you undo the thoughts--you drop back to the unlimited you. That's called happiness."
Lester Levenson
Take some time eliminating your wants and fall into happiness.

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第七章 邪恶的怪圈与失控的路线

If we don't like what is happening to us in the world, all we have to do is change our consciousness--and the world out
there changes for us! Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road. Not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom.
--Lester Levenson
Now let's look at another misunderstood subject: the habit of figuring things out. Refer to the previous chart as we continue examining this issue.
We start with a problem. The problem creates a feeling of insecurity within us. This feeling of insecurity triggers a desire to fix the problem, so we try and figure out how to !)olve it. But it persists, so we try harder to figure out how to solve it. To make matters worse, we then start to beat ourselves up for not solving it. We give ourselves disapproval and more disapproval. Meanwhile, the problem is still there and we fall back into the cycle again and again and it escalates.
Think about something you have been working on for a long time--a project, a goal, a health situation--something you have not been able to resolve. Here is what's probably going on:
You first have a problem
You then become insecure
You try to figure it out (by asking your mind for the answer and it doesn't have it)
You want to know what to do about it
You want to know what the answers are
Then you try harder
Then you start beating yourself up and you start disapproving of yourself
You still have the problem and you are right back where you started.
It is a continuous spin that can go on for years sometimes and cause more and more frustration
So, now we will learn how to stop this spin or chain of events. Take a look at some illness that you had, some body ailment, or a goal about making money. Notice you have been trying to figure out what to do about it. You have not been able to get the answer. You are spinning around and spinning around and, because you do not get the answer, you start beating yourself up about it. Then you disapprove of yourself more and you still do not have an answer. Imagine kicking your car when it doesn't start or asking your computer for an answer. If the computer said, "I don't have an answer," would you beat it up? The smart thing to do is to find an automobile mechanic or another disk or program for your computer. Maybe then you would have an answer.
Imagine this: We keep asking our mind for the answer. Our mind says, "I don't have the answer." Then we beat it up. Why not listen to it? IT DOES NOT HAVE AN ANSWER. It is not suggested that you NOT get an answer--it is suggested that you need to LOOK TO ANOTHER PLACE for an answer. There is such a place, a higher place, that an answer can come from. This place is called beingness of true self or higher self. But one must be willing to leave the mind in order to find that place. Also, WANTING to figure it out is LACKING an answer--the mere WANTING is actually instructing the mind to NOT give an answer. It is a lacking instruction to the mind. So, again, we take a look at the situation or problem you have attempted to solve--whether it is a lack of money or perhaps an illness you wish to cure. Perhaps you consulted many doctors, read all kinds of self-help books, taken pills or other medications, but you still found no resolution to the condition. Perhaps it is a weight problem, or maybe you lack clarity in your life. The process of "WANTING" to figure things out goes on and on. Can you see where you have been wanting to figure it out?
Remember: WANT EQUALS LACK. So, ask yourself: COULD YOU LET GO of wanting to figure it out? JUST COULD YOU? AND WOULD YOU? AND WHEN? Without giving more thought to the WANT, just let it go! Letting go is like holding a pen in your hand. The tighter you hold on, the more it feels like part of you. Pick up a pen and hold it very tight. Next, open your hand and let the pen roll around loosely. Is the pen part of your hand or is your hand just holding on to it tightly? Now completely open your hand and let the pen fall. Notice how easily the pen drops from your hand and how nice that feels. The point of this exercise is to FEEL the pen drop away from your hand when you let it go. When we mistakenly hold on to WANTING feelings, we think that we are FEELING the anger, the grief or the fear. But if we let these go, we discover they are NOT US, but just FEELINGS--feelings that can be let go--just like when you let go of the pen from your hand a moment ago.
Look at your "want" situation. Can you see it brings up a clutching, a lacking feeling in your stomach or chest area? Can you put your head down and allow that energy to come up and just allow it to pass through--Iet go of that wanting, that lacking feeling? Could you let go of that lacking feeling? And more. And even more. And have you been wanting to know what to do about it? Could you let go of wanting to know what to do about it, that lacking feeling? Could you let go of wanting to know what the answers are? You might as well--your mind tells you that you don't know anyway. And more. And more. And even more. Now check and see if you feel a little lighter. Is it more possible to resolve the problem or less possible? Take a check. Put your head down and notice if there is anymore unwanted energy in your stomach or your chest --that LACKING energy. Could you let go of that lacking feeling, that clutching? Could you let go of clutching? And more. And more.
It is frustrating enough that we don't have an answer, but it is far more negative that we start beating ourselves up about it. It is like the earlier example of asking your computer for an answer and when the computer says, "I don't know what the answer is," we punch it and we beat it up. That is not going to get you an answer, but it is an old habit we all have. So take a look at the attitude or the habit of beating yourself up. Ask that energy to come up. Put your head down and just allow that energy to come up--that beating yourself up energy, that disapproving of yourself energy. Could you allow it to come up? Could you allow it to pass through? And more. And more. Put your head down and disconnect your mind and just allow that energy to come up and pass through. And more, and more. And more. See if you feel lighter. There is just a heaviness about beating yourself up. Could you ask some more beating-yourself-up energy to come up? Just allow it to come up and allow it to pass through. And more. And even more.
Could you give yourself some approval, just because--for no reason--just for the heck of it? And could you give yourself some more approval? And more? Could you just like yourself a little bit? Not much--just a little bit? And more. And more. And could you give yourself some more approval--just for the heck of it? And more. And more. And more.
Let us look again at the problem you have been working on. Is it more possible or less possible to overcome the problem or hurdle? Imagine dust covering up a beautiful table. It looks ugly because it is covered with dust. We cannot see how beautiful it is until we remove the dust. It is the same with our true self. Our negative feelings are covering up our inner perfection and beauty. Every time you let go, you get lighter and lighter. Every time you let go, you get closer and closer to what you really are--your true self--a positive limitless being. Take a check and see.
Take a look at the problem one more time. See if you have been trying to figure out what to do about it. Could you let go of WANTING to figure out what to do about it? Could you let go of WANTING to know what the answers are? You'd might as well--you don't know anyway. And could you let go of WANTING to know what to do about it? And more. And more. And even more. You are actually holding in mind the problem or holding on to wanting to figure it out. Your wanting is instructing the mind to give you a lacking energy. Notice that you are holding it in your stomach or your chest. Put your head down and allow that lacking energy to come up--that wanting--and allow it to pass through. And more. And more.
Now see if you have been disapproving of yourself or beating yourself up about the problem because you do not seem to have an answer. Just allow that energy to come up, that habit of disapproving yourself. We all have it. Just allow that energy to come up and pass through. It actually wants to leave. Disengage your head. Put your head down toward your stomach or your chest and invite this energy up and allow it to come up--welcome it up--and allow it to just pass through. And more. And even more. Could you give yourself some approval, just for the heck of it? No reason. And more. And more. Could you like yourself a little bit? Not much, just a little bit? Could you give yourself some more approval? Notice where it comes from: It comes from you. Could you give yourself some more approval? And more. And more.
Now take a look at the situation you have been working on. Is it more possible or less possible to overcome the problem? Take a check. Is it more possible to obtain or less possible? If you released, you fill find it is more possible.
The following exercise can be very helpful. It contains the releasing questions you should ask yourself, which we have been reviewing. Just ask yourself those questions: Could you let it go? Would you let it go? When? And more. Very simple.
1、      我能否放下那种想把事情弄清楚的欲望?
2、      我能否放下那种想要知道如何去做的欲望?
3、      我能否放下那种想要知道答案的欲望?
4、      我能否放下那种此时此刻想知道任何事情的欲望?
5、      再一次,再一次……
6、      我能否放下那种想要思考的欲望?
7、      再一次,再一次……
1、      现在,我能否放下对自己的不认同?
2、      再一次,再一次……
3、      我能否给自己认同(不出于任何理由)?
4、      再一次,再多一次……
1. Could I let go of wanting to figure things out?
2. Could I let go of wanting to know what to do?
3. Could I let go of wanting to know the answers?
4. Could I let go of wanting to know anything (for this moment) right now?
5. And again. And again.
6. Could I let go of wanting to think?
7. And again. And again.
1. Now, can I let go of disapproving of myself right now?
2. And again. And again.
3. Could I give myself approval (for no reason)?
4. And again. And once more.
I have a fun assignment for you: I would like you to spend the next few hours looking for your wanting to figure it out. Look for it in your office, your home, your car--and every time you notice you are wanting to figure it out, stop immediately and let go of that wanting. Just let it go. It's just a habit. And every time you are disapproving of yourself, just put your head down, let the disapproving energy come up and allow it to pass through. Make sure to practice giving yourself approval. Look for it. It takes vigilance--it is just a habit in each of us. If you reverse this habit of wanting to figure it out (which is instructing your mind NOT to give you answers) and beating yourself up, you will begin to move closer and closer to having total abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

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